Every great recommendation starts with a question

Meet Rekit, the Community Powered Recommendations Platform

Rekit is a place where you’ll find people giving and getting all kinds recommendations. Whether it’s something only your neighbours could know, such as local services, or something anyone in the world might be able to help with, such as books, movies or apps - just ask!

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Why Rekit? All the recommendations you need in one place

Rekit gives you all the tools you need to get trusted recommendations that are right for you. Ask your questions, find new people and expand your network, collect recommendations from elsewhere on the net and save them all in one place.

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Come back to Rekit even when you don’t have a question

Rekit gives you a constant feed of recommendations from the community in all your favorite interests – so there are exciting things to discover even when you don’t have a specific question in mind!

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App Features

Get answers
right away

when you need a recommendation.

other people

when you know the answers to their questions.


when there’s something you really want to shout about.

Make a note

for yourself when there’s something you want to come back to.

what you need

in collections – you can always find it.

with people

who share your interests and discover what they’re saying.

Be part of the recommendations community